Ritzenhoff Design


Since 2005, Studio Glass and RITZENHOFF collaborate in Spain. We have developed a collection of articles in glass, ceramic and porcelain in different sectors (beverage, design, shops) with or without personalization.

The strong experience of Ritzenhoff in the world of design, has allowed the development of creative objects that brighten and gives life to the house and the tableware.

Studio Glass offers Ritzenhoff Design ® catalog to business and shops linked with home tableware, catering, weddings ... which has premium ítems while combining exclusivity and design.

You want to offer Ritzenhoff Design® products to your customers? 

If you represent a business or a shop of decorative products for home and design items, etc ... in Spain and you are interested in selling products on the catalog, please contact us. 


Catalog of Ritzenhoff Design ®

TThe history of Ritzenhoff Design ® as design brand in the field of glass and porcelain essentially, was launched in 1992. Catalog features products created from designers contest held annually by the brand.

Won the competition and have produced their name designers such as Mariscal, Sieger (winner of the historic first edition), Oliver Hartmann, Debora Jedwab, Abou-Abdou Faïza ... and many, many others.

Ritzenhoff Design® catalogue Spring 2016 (12Mb)





VollDammThe combination of Studio Glass with Ritzenhoff Cristal and Ritzenhoff Design ® allows to adapt the catalog products according to the will of the client. We provide exclusive commercial representation of Ritzenhoff Cristal for Spain, France and Portugal as well as the exclusive representation of Ritzenhoff Design ® for Spain.

A good example of adapting an article from Ritzenhoff Design ® is the beer glasses in the series Chico and Rita from Mariscal manufactured in 2012.

If you want more information about our made to measure, look at work process on glass or glass processing techniques as well as philosophy of Studio Glass on all project glasses.



We are present in all sectors of beverages and gourmet food to help our clients build and optimize the image of their products