In the area of advertising glassware, we provide a complete “tailor-made” service operating in/range from POS and

on-pack promotions to handling, custom packaging, warehousing and distribution.

The decoration of cups and glasses is a sales strategy with a strong impact and, helped by the brand value, transforms the item into a design, an object with special appeal to consumers.

Since 2005, STUDIO GLASS and RITZENHOFF have settled a marketing and distribution agreement for their products in Spain and Portugal. Since then, we are developing a collection of glassware and ceramics in different sectors of activity (beverage, food, hotels, restaurants, and coffees) with or without customization.


Born in 1935, it has grown up in a land with a great beer and glass tradition. It has different glass and decoration production units (screen printing, digital printing, decals, pad printing, coating, laser nucleation...). 

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Versatility, creativity and adaptation

Both for launching products and extending orders, our minimum limits for production are very low. The possibility of combining stem and bowls results in a very wide range of glass shapes with more than 400 different combinations.

The possibility of creating your own custom design, starting from a minimum of pieces, opens the door to totally new and differentiating creative solutions.

We recommend the article "Production logistics - Glass production" on the Ritzenhoff website.


We work with the client to carry out the analysis and definition of the project, the selection of shapes and material, we adapt and / or create the original artworks to the different shapes, we present a sketch, if necessary, make a physical sample before printing and finally control the production. All this to ensure compliance with the specific needs of the project.


The best technical and applications combined with a strong quality policy in perfect harmony with all our processes of automatic or semi-automatic screen printing, digital printing, pad printing, decal, laser nucleated, coating, acid etching processes, etc. 

Consullt our range of glass decoration techniques

Working exclusively with glass -made in Europe-, Studio Glass is considered a benchmark in the industry, not just for its quality but for its speed and flexibility.

Our extensive network of partners ensures a wide range of techniques, a rigorous quality policies (ISO 9001/2000 and 14000/2000) and a versatile logistics that allow us to always be close to our customers and make deliveries in very short periods of time.

Likewise, the location of all production sites in Europe is the best guarantee of compliance with the various regulations and laws in force in the fields of sustainability, respect for the environment, working conditions, protection of customer rights, etc.


We are present in all sectors of beverages and gourmet food to help our clients build and optimize the image of their products