In the field of advertising glassware, we offer a full "customized" service operating in POS promotions, on-pack promotions, handling, special packaging, storage and distribution..

We revalue the decoration as a marketing strategy for brands. 
We interpret the container area, turning it into article design.

Since 2005, STUDIO GLASS and RITZENHOFF have an agreement to market and distribute its products to Spain, France and Portugal. Since then, we develop a collection of glassware, ceramic and porcelain for various sectors (beverage, design, shops, catering) with or without personalization..


Born in 1935, the factory grows in a land of great tradition of beer and crystal. It has several production units: glass factory, glass decoration (direct screen printing, tampographic printing, decals, coatings ...) and produces its own decals

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Versatility, creativity and adaptation

As in the case of a product launch like a replenishment order, our minimum production runs are very low. The ability to assemble different models of chalices/bowls and stems provides a wide range of stemware with over 400 possible combinations.

The ability to create your own custom design, starting from a minimum quantity of reduced production, opens new opportunities for creative, completely new and differentiated solutions.

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We focus in our ability to offer competitive customized "turnkey" projectsquality and flexible as the quantities and the variety of designs with innovative processes and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to be able to offer our customers the best solution from the lowest price to the highest value-added products.

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We work with the client to perform the analysis and definition, selection of formats and materials, final art work, we present prototype scheme and physical sample prior to printing and ultimately we control the production. All this to ensure compliance with the specific needs of the project 

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We went together the best technical applications and qualitative policy on all our processes for automatic or semi-automatic direct screen printing, tampographic printing, decals/transfers, laser, acid etching, coatings...

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Working mainly with special bottles, we are a market benchmark in terms of quality offered, speed of execution and flexibility.

Our extensive network of partners provide a wide range of technical applications, harmonious quality policy (ISO certificates 9001/2000 and 14000/2000) and a proximity logistics permits very versatile allowing us to respond more quickly to customers requests.

Network of Partners

Similarly, all our production centres are located in Europe and are in fact a better guarantee for compliance with various standards and regulations on issues such of sustainability, respect for the environment, working conditions, protection of clients' rights, etc ...

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We are present in all sectors of beverages and gourmet food to help our clients build and optimize the image of their products